We currently offer automated testing services for crash and UI testing. Using our services, the developer can systematically test their apps and uncover hidden bugs. We plan to extend our services to eventually include performance, energy, security testing and much more.

User Interface Testing

There are more than 24,000 Android devices in the world which range from tablets to mobile phones. These devices come in different screen resolutuons. Ensuring that the app works on all devices is a painful task as some UI elements may not work properly on certian screen resolutions. Our automated testing service tests your app on the various devices and resolutions so that your customers can have the best possible experience.

Crash Testing

Mobile apps are event driven apps. As a result, it is quite challenging, if not impossible, to test an app for all possible user interactions. To ensure that your customers have a smooth experience with your app, our automated service systematically tests your app for all feasible user actions and system events to uncover crash revealing test cases. This in turns helps you mitigate crashes in advance and provide a better customer experience.

Test your Apps

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