Intelligent Mobile App Testing

Our cloud-based testing solution lets app-developers offload the laborious and time-consuming testing work to our servers so they can concentrate on building great features on their apps. Our framework automatically finds bugs that lead to app-crashes, user interface problems, poor performance, energy-consumption issues, potential security lapses and much more!

Introduction Video

Key Benefits



Our solution requires very little configuration. Our methodical search procedure assures extensive coverage of code and UI.



There is no need to set up the testing infrastructure each time. The service is available on demand, round the clock globally on a pay-per-use basis.


Simultaneous Execution

Apps can be tested on multiple devices at the same time, greatly reducing the testing turn-around time.


Debugging Assistance

A comprehensive test report allows identified bugs to be fixed quickly and retested.


We offer four services that meet all user requirements. These services currently detect crash and performance bugs. More bug types (e.g., visual and security related bugs) will be supported soon.

Intelligent Testbot

Guided Testbot

crash testing

Test Replication

ui testing

Manual Testing